Is it Safe to Play Piano in the back of a moving Truck? Even for a Delicious Taco?


We did not have Taco Bells in my area until the 1990s (if we did, I do not remember them). So when they showed up I was excited and I remember they started airing this commercial. I never thought it was a great ad, but when I heard it this morning, I instantly remembered it, so maybe it is great. Who would pitch a guy playing piano in the back of a moving vehicle as a great idea? Are they saying people who enjoy an affordable taco would endorse this behavior. I love a good taco and when I watch this commercial all I can think about is how unsafe this is. Maybe that was the plan all along? Clever. They show you something that obviously seems wrong and you cannot look away.

Burger King should have a surgeon doing a heart transplant on the back of a moving speed boat while singing about the new low price of the Whopper Jr.


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2 thoughts on “Is it Safe to Play Piano in the back of a moving Truck? Even for a Delicious Taco?

  1. I loved the old Taco Bell colour scheme. That purple mess they changed over to looks terrible! There’s still a Taco Bell in my city with one of the old signs up. Memorieeees!

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