It’s 1981, So let’s go the Central Park Arcade in Mt. View, CA!


In my time traveling fantasies I always like to stop by the arcades of my youth. My memories are still pretty vivid and fresh, so I know exactly what to expect. For those of you who did not live in the Golden Age of arcades and want a sneak peak of what you can expect on your journeys, you can check out this wonderful arcade footage filmed at the Central Park Arcade in Mt. View, CA in 1981.

The video shows the art, the sounds and the people that made going to an arcade such an interesting experience. What makes this video especially great is that the footage is so clear compared to others I have seen. It is a really great time capsule. Thanks to for uploading it.


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6 thoughts on “It’s 1981, So let’s go the Central Park Arcade in Mt. View, CA!

  1. Dave says:

    I remember Central Park arcade as I grew up in Mountain View. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. There was also a Time Zone and Aladdin’s Castle nearby that we would go play games at.

  2. RetroArt says:

    That is AMAZING;Y clear video from the time!
    It’s probably not VHS but looks to be more professional like Beta SP video from the day.
    It was more than likely a “B-roll” package of extraneous shots to have in library to use as filler on any news pieces about videogames. The style and type of shots seem to suggest that.
    What an awesome time capsule indeed!
    I have much worse looking VHS footage in a NJ shore arcade I shot when I was a teenager in 1985. Worse in that it’s that VHS “EP” speed quality. Still watchable though.
    Would anybody be interested?

  3. Brian says:

    Yes! I’d be interested…having spent many days in the 80s at Jersey Shore arcades.

  4. I love that even though I don’t think we see it, you can clearly hear Donkey Kong. Great video! I could watch this for hours just seeing the different techniques people used and the joy on peoples faces.

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