Retroist Podcast – Episode 134 – Steven Spielberg’s 1941



On this week’s show I talk about the messy epic Steven Spielberg comedy, 1941. I talk about the cast and the people behind the scenes, I make a failed attempt to explain the plot and throw in a lot of other information.

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7 Responses to Retroist Podcast – Episode 134 – Steven Spielberg’s 1941

  1. sjgeek89 says:

    thank you thank you thank you,I loved this movie!

  2. The Retroist says:

    I am glad I am not alone in liking this film. It is crazy fun.

  3. Underrated movie in my opinion. I don’t know why it gets so much flack. I’m looking forward to listening to this episode. Thanks for dedicating a show to this funny film.

  4. Zerbinator says:

    When I first saw this film I was about 10 yrs old and thought it was the coolest mostly because of all the destruction in the film. Too this day nothing will beat the work that went into destroying a nice little town.

  5. The Retroist says:

    The FX are wonderful. The great AD Flowers and LB Abbott brought a lot to the table.

  6. RetroArt says:

    …I thought I was alone.
    Thank you.

  7. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great listen.
    Yeah, although I can’t count myself as a fan, I’ve also seen this movie in its edited and unedited format more times than necessary.

    Big fan of Belushi, so that helped.
    The overall comedy and acting was very broad , so that didn’t.

    And for some reason, that scene with the Ferris Wheel rolling into the water always scared me, or creeped me out.
    Maybe it was my fear of deep waters (caused by that same director).

    But even though I ackowledge the bombiness of it all, I’ll still probably rewatch it someday cuz, like all movies of that part of my life, it takes my mindset back in a spatio-temporal way where – while it’s playing – I can easily smell the popcorn in the old kitchen and feel the fabric of our old couch under my fingers.

    And the stronger my reaction to a movie (be it good or bad) the wayback-bus-ride is that more effective.

    Also helps to have an appreciated retro commentator at the wheel.

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