You Have to Feed a Cold?


I almost made it through the entire winter season without getting sick once. This has been a real challenge seeing how I have three children all in grade school and we all know how they love to bring home those germs. Well while lying around I thought of the old DimeTap commercials where everyone had the answer to treating the common cold. I prefer to do all the suggestions, what’s your remedy?


I grew up in western New York in the late 70's early-mid 80's playing with my Star Wars and Fisher Price adventure people. I have to say it was a good time.

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3 thoughts on “You Have to Feed a Cold?

  1. I used to love Dimetapp as a kid, but slowly built up a distaste of it and artificial grape flavor in general. Now I can’t even sit next to some drinking a grape pop!

  2. I certainly believe in the tea remedy for what it is worth…and the healing power of chicken soup. I could never figure out the feed the cold way of thinking, especially not a giant sandwich though tasty looking it may be. :)

  3. The Cosmic Joker says:

    My favorite part in this ad is the scene where the son tells his dad to take two moon-sized cookies and call him in the morning. For whatever reason, that part of the commercial made some sort of humorous impact on my infantile mind to the point where I wanted to try that same bit of bedside manner on my own parents. Sadly, I don’t recall ever having the chance of doing so.

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