This 15:43 Speed Run On Metroid Is Amazing!

Metroid - NES
I used to have bragging rights around my neck of the woods for my completion time of Metroid on the Nintendo Entertainment System…I however have never been good enough to even remotely try for a speed run like this video by Chris ‘cak’ Knight on his YouTube channel.

Chris states on the page that his video is currently being verified by the Speed Demos Archive and that he didn’t take advantage of any glitches nor using up+A code.

Thanks to the wonderful Players at the Arkadia Retrocade for the heads up on this video, I’ll update the verification process as we get more info.


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2 thoughts on “This 15:43 Speed Run On Metroid Is Amazing!

  1. Chris, it is my pleasure! A very might congratulations on your record of course and I have to say every time I watch your battle against Mother Brain I have to stand up and applaud. Skillfully done, my friend! :)

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