The 1982 World’s Fair, You’ve Got to Be There


My Mother would go on at length about how amazing the World’s Fair she went to in New York was when she was younger. So when the World’s Fair returned and would be in Knoxville in 1982, we decided that we would go. Sadly as we closed in on planning for the trip, out car started having problems and the trip never happened. We would get new car and go to EPCOT later on and that always felt World Fair-like to me, but not being able to go has always been a disappointment.


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3 thoughts on “The 1982 World’s Fair, You’ve Got to Be There

  1. Wow, that’s really cool. I do not remember that commercial but I remember the 1982 World’s Fair quite well. I was 9 years old and my family made the trek from Oklahoma to visit fair. Hotels were so overbooked that we ended up staying over an hour away.

    I know I have shared the picture and the story of the giant rotating Rubik’s Cube here on the Retroist, but here are the rest of our vacation photos from that trip. I plan on sharing some of them individually in the future but if you want to browse them all, here they are:

    Every time I drive out east and pass through Knoxville I stop and check out the sun globe, which is still there. They moved I-40 at some point in time; the globe used to be on the north side of the interstate and now it’s on the south side.

  2. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    I have the landspeeder sitting on a shelf. That is the only intact original Star Wars toy I have left.

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