Get Wrinkled…Real Fruit Wrinkles!


Watching this now, I gotta say, the level of energy in this commercial for Fruit Wrinkles is well above what is necessary to sell Fruit Wrinkles. Of Course, as a kid I did not think that at all. I loved Fruit Wrinkles. Right up till my sister began waging a smear campaign against the delicious treats saying they resembled, and these are her words, “animal poop”. Every time I had a bag or would try and buy a box she would say it. Eventually I guess it got through to the other members of my family who all started referring to them as “poop wrinkles.” Not surprisingly it was difficult to convince a mother to buy something that she described as poop.


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One thought on “Get Wrinkled…Real Fruit Wrinkles!

  1. Oh man, I loved these things!
    We get “fruit snacks” for our kids all the time now. Sometimes I will eat an entire box in one sitting while watching TV or a movie. Good stuff!

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