Where Is The Love For Firefly?


Yes, Storm Shadow is awesome, and Snake Eyes is the prototype of awesome. Heck, even Jinx was pretty cool. All are ninja-like characters who are worthy of the love they still get today. I ask, though, where’s the love for Firefly?
I’m not sure if I had Snake Eyes or not. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have Storm Shadow (though I could be wrong). But I know I had Firefly. In my mind, he was just as awesome as SE or SS. He had a lithe camo outfit that was pretty ninja-like, and he was an infiltration expert, which is pretty ninja-like as well. In my mind, that made him a ninja, which is exactly how I used him.

Cool as I thought Firefly was, though, there were a couple of things I didn’t understand about him. I somehow understood that he was an infiltration and demolitions expert. But I didn’t understand that he was a mercenary and I certainly didn’t understand that he belonged to Cobra. I thought he was a Joe!
In all likelihood, the confusion comes from the fact that I often traded toys with the neighborhood kids, meaning that I would receive the toys without the packaging and the instruction manuals. So I had never read Firefly’s file card or seen the Cobra logo on his blister pack. I just saw him and had to make up my own story for him, which I did, turning him from Cobra saboteur to Joe wild card. But even though he wasn’t as noble as I thought he was, I still think he is worth some love.

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  1. VicSage says:

    Great post Doug and a very good question…that I’ll answer with another question. Why doesn’t Scrap-Iron get any fan attention?! He came with a missile launcher for goodness sakes…let’s see the Joes try to get through the battlefield with him around!

  2. Doug, there is no question where the love for Firefly is. It’s all in my heart.

    This was my favorite Cobra guy EVER. I even had the kid sized back pack toy – which came with tools. It was rad.

    Great post.

  3. Spottedfeather says:

    I loved Firefly when I was a kid. He was the one that I always had flying the space shuttle.

  4. The Retroist says:

    When Fire Fly came along he became an instant favorite among my friends and since their was 3 of us the final piece we needed to have an even and peaceful division of mysterious characters. One would get Storm Shadow, one would get Snake Eyes and I would take Firefly.

  5. Love the old KayBee “price gun” toy sticker.

  6. robotspjs says:

    Firefly is cool and all but he’s lacking the kind of mythic back story Storm Shadow or Snake Eyes have.

  7. Mike says:

    I always enjoyed Firefly and thought he was extremely under-rated even for a bad guy.

  8. Brian says:

    Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are overrated, if you ask me. Even when I was a kid and had a carrier full of these guys, the ninja was wasted on me. I was more about gear and options and that’s just what Firefly had which is why he was always the character that won in my own backyard plotlines. I’m sure ninja mythos sells better (obviously) but what’s wrong with just being a bad ass that looks cool and mean?

  9. CT says:

    There’s plenty of love for Firefly from me as well. I never had the original figure, but always wanted one. I’ve made up for that by buying five different newer versions of him from the 25th Anniversary line.

    Great character. And this is a post that could be done for a lot of Cobra characters and Joes. The cartoon and comic to some degree often touted the awesomeness of just a few giving only small glimpses of the awesomeness of several others. Before the time someone like Firefly could get enough screen time to satisfy a young fan, it was time to drop him and sell B.A.T.S. and Dr. Mindbender.

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