Back in 1992, my mother ordered software and games for me through a shareware catalog we received in the mail. When I saw the screenshots of CORNCOB 3D, I knew I had to have it. A few weeks later, I was playing this DOS game on my IBM PS/1 computer.

The premise of the game is simple; in 1938, aliens attack the earth and try to take over. Several years later, humans are finally getting the better of the aliens. You are a pilot. You fly a corn cob corsair. I gotta be honest, I had no idea why the game was called Corncob at the time. Apparently, it refers to a type of engine in these planes.

The game is a flight simulator, but you have to fight and fly around flying saucers. There is plenty going on in the game. Check out the intro video before the game begins and the gameplay.

If you would like to download the shareware version:

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4 thoughts on “CORNCOB 3D!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Love seeing gameplay of DOS games, Justin!

    This puts me back in front of my 1500$ 486 PC, stacks of floppies stacked on the desk and marvelling at the immersion this new machine brought into my life.

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