Vic Sage and I are on this Week’s Nerd Lunch Atari 2600 Podcast


The guys over at The Nerd Lunch Podcast were nice enough to invite me back to their show and this week they also brought Vic Sage to the table to talk about the Atari 2600.

On the show:

We each talk about our own history with the system, then we discuss a bunch of our favorite and least favorite games. Yes, we even discuss our own views on the extremely controversial E.T. game. Also discussed in this episode are the Activision Master Gamer Badges, the Atari port of Pac-Man as well as the bootleg Atari Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween video games.

It was a lot of fun to record and reminisce, so if you have some time why not download it and/or give it a listen below.


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8 thoughts on “Vic Sage and I are on this Week’s Nerd Lunch Atari 2600 Podcast

  1. CT says:

    Unfortunately, I was unable to be on this particular episode but that did allow me the the pleasure of listening to it for the first time today. I thought it was a great discussion and I was glad The Retroist was able to return and it was great having Vic on as a guest. Sorry I missed this show, but I really enjoyed listening. I hope both of you will be willing to return in the future.

    And thanks to everyone else that has checked out the show. We really appreciate it.

  2. @CT It is always a fun time on Nerd Lunch and it was very interesting to be “live” on a show at the same time as Vic. Thanks again for having me.

  3. Thanks for all of the kind words, friends! @CT It truly was a blast to be on the show, thank you and Jeeg and Pax for that honor. :)

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