Jem: Is Truly Outrageous


Music company owner Jerrica Benton by day, Jem was a “truly, truly outrageous” glam rock star by night. Her band, the Holograms, was rivals with a band called the Misfits, which are not the same Misfits where Glenn Danzig got his start in the ’70s.

Jem and the Holograms kind of resemble the real-life Mr. Mister, while the Misfits look suspiciously like early Motley Crue.

Brian Boone

From the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest, I contribute to the Retroist, write for trivia publications, and blog about music in a humorous fashion. I feel about "Back to the Future" the way you feel about "Star Wars." Also, I'm married and have a child (sorry ladies, orphans).

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One thought on “Jem: Is Truly Outrageous

  1. Mrs. Carlos still loves the show, and went as Stormer to a Halloween party not too long ago.

    Also, I just can’t stop thinking about the alternate-universe “very special episode” on Halloween where Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein show up to help the Holograms stop an international smuggling ring from stealing Count Dracula’s ashes.


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