Vic’s Retro Birthday Haul

Friends, as most of you know my birthday was this last Wednesday. Had a blast…spent the night working at the Arkadia Retrocade which isn’t truly working, right? My local best friends were kind enough to visit and bestow on me some awesome retro gifts that I felt I should share with you all.

What fan of the Universal Monsters doesn’t enjoy the Rankin-Bass Mad Monster Party movie? Now alongside his plastic representation of the Frankenstein’s Monster I can add this awesome Boris Karloff inspired figure from the Mad Monster Party!

Boris - Mad Monster Party

But the retro monster goodness didn’t stop there. I was lucky enough to get a birthday hug by the one and only Creature From the Black Lagoon to boot! It’s a bank by the way…but I’ll never put any money in it, that’s money I could be using to expand my collection.

Creature From The Black Lagoon Bank

Though not pictured because I need to find a big enough frame for it, I also received a theatrical sized poster for Dragon’s Lair!

The real question is if Eddie Deezen from the Midnight Madness Podcast got just as much of an awesome haul as I did?


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10 thoughts on “Vic’s Retro Birthday Haul

  1. Batfan says:

    Happy birthday, man. I MUST see a full picture of that awesome Rocketeer statue. Where did you get that?

  2. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    Nice haul. Nothing wrong with getting Universal Monsters toys and collectibles.

  3. Thanks, Six Million Dollar Jedi! You are 100% correct that there is nothing wrong with obtaining more Universal Monster collectibles. :)

  4. plcary says:

    I wanted to stop by the arcade too but was under the weather. You got some great stuff.

  5. Thanks, Rob! When I finally get the chance to come up and visit with you I do hope that my collection will increase after you show me all of those awesome spots where you keep finding retro treasure.

  6. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Happy Birthday Vic!

    The DeLorean won’t start, so I gotta send greets from a few days past, but it’s still as heartfelt.

    Great haul of gifts, too.
    That Creature, in particular, just seems to say “I dare you to jab a coin in me. I dare you!”

  7. Thanks, Atari. I hope that you can get the DeLorean in working order again, pal…there is a lot of history we need to fix. ;)

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