Little Hugs Fruit Barrels

You’re in grade school and you’re thirsty. What do you reach for? A can of soda? A bottle of root beer? A pouch of Capri Sun? Well, maybe. But if you were really lucky, you reached for Little Hugs Fruit Barrels. Little Hugs were little translucent barrels of Kool-Aid like liquid sealed with a tin foil top. You peeled back the tin foil about halfway off the top of the barrel (I can still remember the feel of doing so today) and then poured it down your parched gullet. I’ve been happy lots of times in my life, and many of those times had Little Hugs in them. I don’t know if Little Hugs are as popular with the anklebiters today as they were when I was an anklebiter, but I did find this case of them at the store, and if I wasn’t so worried about my daughter drinking them all, I would have bought one.



Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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8 thoughts on “Little Hugs Fruit Barrels

  1. Little hugs used to be one of my fav treats as a kid, despite their odd taste. The container was a huge part of their draw. I actually got a carton of them a few years ago (had 20 or 24 or something barrels). It was great nostalgia, but the oddness of the flavor hits you more as an adult (or perhaps they screwed around with the recipe in the intervening years).

  2. dijital101 says:

    These aren’t the same recipe as when we were kids. The ones in the yellow box have splenda in them. If you search enough though (especially at sketchy, non-chain grocery stores) you can find the ones with the original recipe containing corn syrup (around here I find them at the Riverside Red-X).

  3. RetroArt says:

    “Plastic Barrel Drinks”!
    Even as a kid I knew that this stuff was the equivalent of liquid candy, maybe just one rung above Nik-L-Nips as an actual “beverage”.
    Besides the circular, tin foil seal on the mouth of the barrel that always left a bit of glue residue behind on the rim, I alo recall that a straight straw was packaged with each barrel. I could be blurring memories with a more recent run-in with these little kegs of sugar water.

  4. Great food memory. These were pretty much my go to drink in elementary school, they sold them at the candy store for 20 cents each. A thirst quencher after a heated game of Donkey Kong.

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