McDonald’s Funny Fry Friends

In 1989, McDonald’s began giving away “Funny Fry Friends” in Happy Meals. The Funny Fry Friends were hipper and cooler versions of the Fry Guys (who were always a little weird in the first place). This past weekend I ran across a complete collection of the Funny Fry Guys still in their original McDonald’s display case.

I don’t have the room to start collecting displays (although I do have a couple of Star Wars displays from various fast food giveaways…) so this one (which was priced at $100 even) is still there, if anyone’s interested. The display appears to have lasted a lot longer than the hip-hop fry guy routine did.

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4 thoughts on “McDonald’s Funny Fry Friends

  1. @Joshua: The antique mall east of the fairgrounds.

    @Soapsite: I know what you mean — they are really neat, but also really large. They had another one there (Peanuts characters, also for McDonald’s) that I can post next week.

  2. Natalie Straney says:

    Was just wondering if this is available for purchase. These bring back good memories of my childhood and would love to own this.
    Please let me know how to get my hands on it. Thanks.

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