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Air Fortress and Vegas Dream from HAL America

While HAL Laboratory is probably better know for its Kirby games and Super Smash Bros, the released these two titles in the late 1980s. I have played Vegas Dreams, but Air Fortress, which I have always wanted to try, continues to allude me.

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6 thoughts on “Air Fortress and Vegas Dream from HAL America

  1. I’ve never played vegas dream, and never had a desire to play that sort of game.
    Air fortress on the other hand I’ve spent much time playing. It’s a very good game, one of the few that mixes SHMUP with platforming. First you have a sidescrolling shooter level (which allows you to beef up your energy supplies), then you go into an underground platforming level where you have to find your way to the core, destroy it, then retrace your steps before the place explodes around you, then the cycle repeats.

  2. mwentworth says:

    If you have no desire to play that kind of game Vegas Dream wont win you over, but if you are the type who will occasionally pop in the gambling based video game and play for a few minutes and get bored, then Vegas Dream will probably surprise you and eat up a few hours of your time with the adventure/ RPG elements. Didn’t I get my boxed copy from you CCC? You hoarding these things?

  3. I find casino type games (roulette, poker, slots, etc) almost completely uninteresting.
    However, I checked out some reviews of vegas dreams & the other elements like the random encounters look like they might counter my disinterest to a certain degree. It’ll probably depend on how frequently they occur.

  4. mwentworth says:

    Yeah, the only time I was really captivated by a casino game was when I got a Radio Shack Blackjack calculator in my christmas stocking as a kid. I played that thing forever.

  5. I agree with CCC and MWentworth, Vegas Dream is a nice addition to your NES library. I can recall many a day spent after school sitting on the living room floor at my Grandparent’s house playing it. :)

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