1999 A.D. – Is a Futuristic Look of Our Past from the Past


Produced in 1967 by Philco-Ford Company, this futuristic film made predictions of the future that will be ours in the year 1999. Many of the things shown in this film have indeed come true, such as programmable microwave ovens , flat-screen computer monitors and online shopping. This is a video transfer from an ultra-rare 16mm film.

1999 A.D. Part 1 of 3

1999 A.D. Part 2 of 3

1999 A.D. Part 3 of 3


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One thought on “1999 A.D. – Is a Futuristic Look of Our Past from the Past

  1. Badwolf says:

    Retro Future would make for a phenomenal Podcast. Some things are right on – like e-mail, but it looks like we haven’t made much progress in the computer hardware department.

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