Rockford Files Fan Art?

I started re-watching the Rockford Files again on Netflix this month. It is an amazing show and if you have not checked it out I suggest you do. If you need a little inspiration, you might want to check out the surprisingly robust Rockford Files fan art scene online. I especially enjoy this piece by Christopher Yao which is exactly how I picture a Rockford Files Animated Series.



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2 thoughts on “Rockford Files Fan Art?

  1. My fave Rockford memory:

    At recess during kindergarten, the kids at my school would often play cops and robbers. Whenever someone said, “Stick ’em up” kids would always fully extend their hands above their heads. One night I was watching Rockford Files with my family; someone pulled a gun on Rockford and he only bent his arms up at his elbows.

    The next day at recess when a kid told me to “stick ’em up” I decided to raise my hands the cool Jim Rockford way instead of the dorky kid way. Upon seeing this unexpected gesture, the other kid demanded, “Higher!” Seeing how it went over, I never wasted time sticking my hands up that way again (although I still thought it was way cooler).

    You should definitely do a podcast on the Rockford Files!

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