Crystal Castles Arcade Flyer (1983)


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Oh the many fond memories I have of playing this classic Atari Trak-Ball arcade game at my local Showbiz Pizza. The first time I got to see this game in action wasn’t at the arcade actually but the TBS arcade game show Starcade, I was immediately hooked by it’s rather cartoon-like visuals and jaunty opening tune.

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Thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive we can take a look at some of the various flyers that Atari released to Arcade owners to get them excited about their new game.

Crystal Castles B - Atari - Arcade Flyers Archive

Crystal Castles Info - Atari - Arcade Flyers Archive

That second Flyer image though makes me think one thing…Bentley Bear is drunk!
Bentley Bear Is Drunk

5 Responses to Crystal Castles Arcade Flyer (1983)

  1. Nice flyers and yes, he is drunk in that pic.

    Funny thing about this game to me, never played it much, because someone else was always playing it. I did like watching others play it though.

  2. The Retroist says:

    That bear is adorable. I assume if he is drunk it is on Honey.

  3. Was my little sister’s favorite video game as a kid. She even named her teddy bear “Bentley” after it.

  4. Doug says:

    A drunk bear? Well, it was Atari.

  5. Daniel XIII says:

    I used to love this game, in particular it’s 2600 adaptation! It was the skeletons that drew me in…

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