Leonard Nimoy Co-Stars and Directs The Bangles’ “Going Down to Liverpool”


As you might know, I am a big fan of Leonard Nimoy and I am always on the lookout for a forgotten gem. A few weeks ago on Twitter, I was reminded of Nimoy’s involvement with The Bangles and his direction of the 1985 music video for Going Down to Liverpool. Not only does Nimoy direct the film, but he also co-stars in the video. Dig those eyebrow lifts. Its like they have Spock as their chauffeur.


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4 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy Co-Stars and Directs The Bangles’ “Going Down to Liverpool”

  1. Interesting, I posted this because I remembered being told Nimoy directed it back in the day and I filed that away, but I guess that is wrong.

    I read on Nimoy’s Wikipedia and his IMDB page that he had directed it. But I see that she is mentioned as the director as well in IMDB in the more official credits section as opposed to the trivia section.

    An interesting piece of misinformation.

  2. Ron says:

    Nimoy’s in the video because Hoffs and his son Adam were friends, and they thought it would be funny.

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