The Best Hardee’s Premium Offer Ever? Gremlins’ Albums and Storybooks


We did not have a Hardee’s anywhere near my home when Gremlins came out and when they were offering what I think is their best premium ever, the record and storybook featuring characters from the movie “Gremlins”. A lot of these premiums were sold, which is good news for Gremlins collectors, since you can find them at flea markets and garage sales pretty cheaply (or buy it online). If you are not interested in owning a copy though, may I suggest you enjoy it some Gremlins audio magic online? They are almost like mini-radio dramas…

First enjoy the commercial:

Now enjoy The Gift of the Mogwai:

Fan of Gremlins? Why not check out the Retroist Gremlins podcast…


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5 thoughts on “The Best Hardee’s Premium Offer Ever? Gremlins’ Albums and Storybooks

  1. Wait, these came from Hardee’s?! I had no idea. I won one–specifically, The Gift of the Mogwai–at the local fair. It was the Duck Pond game, where several plastic ducks float around a water track, you get to pick one (1), and the number on the bottom reveals your prize.

  2. They ran this commercial on TV back in the day and we did not have a Hardees anywhere near us. It was like a cruel joke and I obsessed over it until I could get my hands one one a few years later.

  3. The greatest thing about that original TV commercial is that not only did Gizmo care enough to bring those kids the first record and book but he brought them Hardees food to boot!

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