Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents – “Man From The South” (1960)

Saturday Frights - Sean Hartter
Welcome back to another installment of Saturday Frights! This evening for your viewing enjoyment we have episode 15 from Season 5 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents entitled ‘Man From The South”. This 1960 episode stars Steve McQueen (The Great Escape, Bullitt) as a young man who runs afoul of Peter Lorre (M, Casablanca), an unpleasant man who plays on the young man’s own greed and wish to impress a woman he has just met, played by McQueen’s then wife Neile Adams, by offering him a rather gruesome wager.

So turn off the lights and get comfy, grab your favorite beverage and snack as you join us with Saturday Frights and the “Man From The South”!

[Via] TL Ricketts

As always, a huge thanks to Sean Hartter for the awesome artwork you see up top!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents – “Man From The South” (1960)

  1. Absolutely, Doug! Thank you for sharing the remake…take a look at that cast. John Huston, Melanie Griffith, Kim Novak and Tippi Hedren, and Steven Bauer. Though to be honest…I think McQueen had a bit more charm than Bauer. :)

  2. James says:

    An amazing ensemble with Alfred Hitchcock piloting the entire series. I always enjoyed these kinds of serials, especially on the television.

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