A Full House of Full House

While digging through the discount DVD box set rack at Hastings the other day, I found the following sets on sale for $9.99 each:

$80 is a lot to spend for the privilege of owning every episode of Full House on DVD. To avoid a talk about making wise financial decisions with Joey, Danny, and Uncle Jesse, I decided to pass.

I am too embarrassed to share how much time I spent in the store finding all eight seasons and arranging them in chronological order for this picture.

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One thought on “A Full House of Full House

  1. mwentworth says:

    Flack, I recently made my first visit to an F.Y.E. while up in Tacoma. I thought my head was going to explode; the section of TV show season sets was as big as the whole DVD section at you typical Walmart or other retailer and a lot of them has decent discounts. I had to simply walk away. I could afford to get a few things, but was afraid to get started.

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