Move Over “Wooly Willy” here Comes “Suzie The Sophisticated Secret Agent”

Do you love “Wooly Willy“, but would prefer your magnetic disguise-based toys be related to secret agents? Well in 1966, the Smethport Specialty Co released Suzie The Sophisticated Secret Agent. Suzie was the perfect spy and as you can see from the suggested images, she is no stranger to gender bending.


[via] National Museum of Play Online Collections


Garry Vander Voort

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One thought on “Move Over “Wooly Willy” here Comes “Suzie The Sophisticated Secret Agent”

  1. Cosmic Joker says:

    As a kid, I did horrible things with those magnetic clip boards. I would go out of my way to draw John Lennon glasses, forked beards, mustaches, and nose hair in an attempt to disfigure the character as much as I could. I guess I had no future as a super-spy disguise expert.

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