Dead Klytus Action Figure


I have run across a lot of weird action figures throughout the years, but this is one of the weirdest.

Meet Klytus (on the right), Ming the Merciless’ metal-faced right hand man in the 1980 classic, Flash Gordon. Klytus is a loyal servant who helps Ming make the lives of everyone around him miserable. Toward the end of the movie in a battle against Prince Barin and Flash Gordon, Klytus is pushed on to a platform full of spikes where he is impaled and dies. When he dies, his eyes bug out and his tongue hangs out. Like this:

This is the “Dead Klytus” action figure from the recent line of Flash Gordon figures.

I’ve bought a lot of dumb figures in my life. Next to my desk I have a tiny bobble head Burger King standing next to a knock-off Hulk Hogan thumb wrestler leaning up against a generic Minotaur with a giant handlebar mustache. Let he who does not own an Ugnaught cast the first stone, right? I can’t imagine ever, ever needing a “Dead Klytus” action figure.

Which is exactly why I bought it. ALL HAIL MING!

8 Responses to Dead Klytus Action Figure

  1. The Retroist says:

    A disturbing figure.

  2. sjgeek89 says:

    You definitely have yourself a cool conversation piece for your collection, good find.

  3. Mr. Sweet says:

    Dead Klytus is a great name for a band. Just saying.

  4. Cosmic Joker says:

    You fools!

    That disgusting figure is playing some barbaric game. Now match him. Like this!

  5. leftylimbo says:

    Wow! I saw Flash Gordon in the movie theater way back when, but was too young to remember it in so much detail. Too funny though!

  6. Stunt Zombie says:

    When I first saw the title, I thought it said Dead Kletus Action Figure. I was expecting to see a dead redneck toy. This one is much more interesting however.

    I have yet to see the 80’s Flash Gordon, but now that I see it has one of my favorite Bonds in it, I might have to check it out.

  7. Rob O'Hara says:

    If I ever find a Dead Kletus figure I will buy it and stand them side by side.

  8. Flash! Ah-ahhhh! He’ll save … almost every one of us.

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