Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: The Crime Of All Centuries (1981)


Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

Good morning! How about you pull up a spot next to me and grab a bowl of your favorite cereal as we enjoy “The Crime of All Centuries”? This episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends was originally released on September 19th, 1981 and deals with the villainous Kraven the Hunter…trying to destroy New York City with an army of dinosaurs!

By the way, check out the names of the actor and actress on the marquee advertising Dinosaur Destroyer…without checking the internet can you tell me what comics they appeared in?

[Via] undyingSinEdd

3 Responses to Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: The Crime Of All Centuries (1981)

  1. charltonhero says:

    Its Wonderman and a character in Daredevil, and I think Matt Murdochs love interest. I am certain on the first on..vague familiarity on the second.

  2. I think you’re right on the money charltonhero!

  3. VicSage says:

    Great job, CharltonHero! I have just sent you a patented Retroist No-Prize! Wear or display it with great pride. :D

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