The Motel Morgue


Travel nostalgia evokes all sorts of emotion in me. I am especially fond of retro motels and motor courts. Motels that used to dot the American landscape were monuments to the ideals of freedom and the open road. Sadly the motel as we knew it has gone the way of the Drive-In Movie Theater. Luckily for us, some people are still trying to preserve pieces of their fading glory days. One of my favorites is Postcardy and their Motel Morgue. They have dozens of beautiful postcards scan with information and, if the Motel still exists, contact information.

Motel Morgue at Postcardy

One thought on “The Motel Morgue

  1. I did a search for my state (N.Y) and found only one which is actually around the corner from my house. It has been turned into separate offices now. I was surprised also because I live about 20 minutes from Niagara Falls which use to have tons of motels since it use to be the honeymoon capital of the world way back when.

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