Smile America with Chuck E. Cheese

When I was a young, Chuck E. Cheese was targeted for a demographic that was older than me and I loved it. Then when I got older they skewed younger and younger until it lost is relevancy for me at about age 12. Still, their was a time when seeing this commercial would trigger a wave of tearful begging that no mother could resist. If I kept it up for a week or so, we would drive up to the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ and I would hardly be able to contain myself as we pulled into the Chuck E Cheese parking lot. 3 Slices, 2 sodas and 16 video games later I could be found sound asleep in the ball pit, dreaming of my next visit.


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One thought on “Smile America with Chuck E. Cheese

  1. theflyingdachshund says:

    Chuck E. Cheese?!? Showbiz Pizza was where it was at… The Rock-afire Explosion blows Munch’s Make Believe Band out of the water!! While, yes, the RAE could have stayed at CEC and been around today, I definitely support their creator in not allowing CEC to essentially steal the copyright to his characters (they weren’t going to pay him a cent!!)…

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