1988 Commercial for the movie “Die Hard”


As action movies go, they do not get much better then “Die Hard”.



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8 thoughts on “1988 Commercial for the movie “Die Hard”

  1. I will complain about the direction that the movies have gone over the year, but I know will still go see it.

    Not often you get to see an actor play the character he was meant to to play and Willis was born to play John McClane.

  2. When it first came out, I was 14. I wasn’t impressed with the commercial strictly because of Willis, whom I only knew from Moonlighting and which I hadn’t seen and thought was girl stuff. On the week of release, I was in Dayton visiting family and heard some guy in a comic shop tell the other that this movie Die Hard was awesome. I thought, “How can that be?” A little later, I saw it on VHS and was schooled. One of the best.

  3. Brian says:

    IIRC, Die Hard was also Alan Rickman’s first Hollywood film: one of the great villain portrayals of the modern blockbuster era.

  4. iPadCary says:

    STILL the standard-bearer for action movies ….

    Good to see the new one’s rated R.

    Captchas now, huh?
    Must mean this place’s getting popular!

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I’m also a fan of every Die Hard movie.
    Though they seemed to dwindle in quality as they went on, it was only because the bar was set so high on this first outing.
    Rickman knocked it out of the park, the story was tight and outrageously believable, the action non-stop, the humor and suspense perfectly balanced, and broken glass never seemed so painful.

    I personally have seen the second one more often than the others (cuz I had the VHS). Underrated. It seems to be panned as often as praised. It’s also 007-on-leave kinda perfect.
    Ski-doo chases, surly Sipowitcz, terse dialogue, villainous violence, Mythbusters’ busted sequences, powerful cellphone providers and, all-in-all, more X-Mas mayhem than you can handle.

    I’m so glad they keep making more.

    Agreed, Bruce Willis fits the role perfectly.

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