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Saturday mornings were great to me and million of other kids in the 1980s. Some of us would be glued to the television from 7 AM to 12 PM before we made our way outside to ride our BMXs and Huffys with our friends. What made those mornings great, besides the cartoons, were the commercials. They seemed to be more fun then. One of my favorite series of commercials were Zack of All Trades. If I am not mistaken, Luther Vandross did the voice of Zack.

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5 thoughts on “Zack of All Trades Commercials

  1. Thanks a ton. I had completely forgotten these but instantly remembered them when I saw the “blob”. And that is Luther Vandross (according to Wikipedia). PSAs were so awesome.

  2. Cosmic Joker says:

    Those are the only three commercials I can recall.

    My favorite PSA of the series would have to be the one with the future blob. My brother and I were so taken with that song, we would burst out and sing it at random points during a normal day. Sadly in our underdeveloped brains the lyrics to the song turned into something like “giddy dong, giddy dong” repeated many times over. I suppose I must have been hard of hearing as a child.

    The true tragedy of these catchy PSAs numbers is that nothing like them really exist anymore.

  3. iPadCary says:

    My favorite PSA’s a radio one.
    If anyone here’s from the NYC area, they’d play it all of the time during
    “The Bob Grant Show” on WABC newstalk radio, so maybe you can help me out ….

    An announcer intones:
    “This is what Johnny’s book report sounded like BEFORE he smoked marijuana ….
    Then a kid is heard saying something like:
    “In 1775, the Continental Congress gathered in Philadelphia to draft the Constitution …”

    Then the announcer says:
    “… and this is what Johnny’s book report sounds like AFTER he smoked marijuana ….
    And the kid says: “So, like, these guys got together & said: ‘Hey, we’re not doin’ nothin’ — let’s start a country or somethin’!”, and then he starts to giggle.

    One of the FUNNIEST frakkin’ things I’ve ever heard in my life! lol
    The AdCouncil always does good spots.
    Any help on this, please?

  4. Kevin says:

    I (for some deranged reason) just remembered all of these, especially, “Zack of all Trades” yesterday, and annoyed my sister all night tonight about “If you believe in yourself and take time to prepare” and “The Future Blob.” The fact that I’m 36 and STILL remember all the lyrics to these and Time for Timer and Schoolhouse Rock tells you how very often they played during my 80’s childhood. Although, I gotta say, “giddy dong” “giddy dong” sounds hell a funny! I also love the way “Jack and Jill” speak/ sing in unison with Zack as they all ease on down the hill towards their still undecided careers. I wonder if they made it as engineers or meteorologists?

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