Hail Cobra

Do You Have The Honor, Courage And Respect To Join…COBRA?!

Hail Cobra
In my youth I loved the world that the G.I. Joe toys, comics, cereal, and animated series allowed me to visit pretty much on a daily basis. I had my favorite Joe characters that I could always rely on leading their team on successful missions against the forces of COBRA, saving the day and protecting the Freedom of my toy box for another day.

I can recall one afternoon when my Father asked as he headed to the kitchen if I was planning on joining G.I. Joe when I grew up and I told him that I was not…I was going to join COBRA. This caused my Father to pause and ask why would I want to join the bad guys? I told him that COBRA had better equipment and more interesting personalities (Like Big Boa and Raptor) but what they were lacking was true leadership.

This caused my Father a bit of unease to be quite honest. I remember him asking me to put my toys away for a moment and we were going to have a talk. Uh Oh. He then began to explain to me what a terrorist organization really was and how the Joe forces were what I should strive to be like. I then let him know that I wanted to join COBRA and become its new leader so I could turn them into a force of good. This put my Father at ease and I was allowed to go back to my playing.

He bought my ruse. Mwa-Ha-Ha!

Yesterday this communique was delivered to my computer and while it might have the great actor David Keith (The Thing, Quick and the Dead) narrating what may look like a commercial…I think it’s a wake up call…it’s time to see if I’m truly destined to rule COBRA!

[via] Reckless Tortuga

I’m not sure if G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be everything that I want it to be but I appreciate this type of viral marketing.