Monkey Monday in Review


The First Monkey Monday was such a rousing success that we decided to have a second one. When you ask? Right now! That’s right, today was the second Monkey Monday and our last Monkey Monday until the Spring, so get your Monkey fix while you can and check out the posts that made Monkey Monday II special.

Here are a summary of this today’s Monkey Monday’s posts:

Monkey Monday was also active on The Retroist Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in joining in the next Monkey Monday Festivities, just send me an email.


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6 thoughts on “Monkey Monday in Review

  1. It was hard to choose which articles to post since I did not want to post TOO many articles in one day and was sent enough to have double what was posted. I wish every day was Monkey Monday!

  2. Yeah, I figured as much, I know I sent in something like 6 articles in a 4hr period, just for monkey monday. In hindsight I should have said something in my submission “make sure to post this one, it’s my best” or some such. I’ll just have to wait till next MM rolls around.
    ….Although I do have about 8 other ideas that I didn’t use this week… You might -have- to do a MM every month (or maybe even every single week) just to clear out the backlog. :p

  3. The funny thing is that at first I thought I didn’t have anything monkey related to write about. I never cared much for planet of the apes nor king kong, and I couldn’t think of much that I had experienced which had monkies/apes in. Once I managed to come up with the first few ideas though, more just came flooding out. I wonder if other MM submitters had similar experiences?

  4. mwentworth says:

    I think it is funny how I have great ideas for posts every day, but never get anything accomplished, but when I find out there is a deadline or sense of urgency (it’s Monkey Monday! Go, Go, Gooo!), I can deliver. Maybe themed days are good for motivation alone.

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