Lazer Tag Handbook

Here’s something I didn’t even know existed. The Lazer Tag Handbook? From TSR? I just found this in an Amazing Spider-Man circa 86 or 87 and would love to know what was inside.

Lazer Tag Handbook


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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12 thoughts on “Lazer Tag Handbook

  1. angela(toao) says:

    Actually there were two books…

    “The two books were “Lazer Tag: The Official Game Handbook” (item #8050, 95 pages) and the “Official Lazer Tag Tournament Book” (item #8053, also 95 pages). The Official Game Handbook was focussed mainly on home play aroud the yard and neighborhood, while the Tournament Book concentrated more on team building and games that could be played in a more collegiate environent, such as in a gymnasium or on an athletics field.”


  2. Yeah, I found that same site after the post. Notice the G.I. Joe and Star Wars Lazer Tag sets. Seems Lazer Tag really expanded beyond the first generation gear I knew as a kid.

  3. Spottedfeather says:

    When I was a kid, I had Photon. Much cooler, in my opinion. The helmets were just great.

  4. I played them both, but Photo had some real advantages. The top one being the sensors being built into the guns. You just needed to pick them up and you could start playing. No gear needed.

    Of course, I had some amazing Lazer Tag memories with my friends, so I love them both.

  5. Augh! I totally had this! Maybe it’s still somewhere at my Mom’s house.

    There was a period where I was trying to get all my friends into Lazer Tag, but no one could afford the hardware. We all stared at this book and imagined that someone, somewhere was having awesome mass battles with Lazer Tag on skateboards. I just had the one gun, for the longest time.

    Then, everything started dropping in price, and I even had the white rifle at one point. And then, it all got discontinued.

  6. Man, to this day I still feel like those original Starlyte pistols were the best feeling sci-fi toy weapons. And, we’re all friends here (at least theoretically), so I feel comfortable adding that I also once slept on Lazer Tag sheets.

  7. I always liked the NES gun, though I like the look of the Lazer Tag pistol better. Somebody should hack a LT pistol to work as the NES light gun. Best of both worlds.

  8. Cyberziggy says:

    I still have this book (as well as some hardware). Just flipped through it again recently for walk down memory lane. Although, my most prominent reminder of my Lazer Tag days is the small scar I still have above my left eye that I sustained from a collision with a tree branch while playing a night game of LZ with some friends. Ah memories!

  9. Cyberziggy says:

    @ Doug … Yes, I’d be happy to scan some select pages (it’s over 80 pages long), though I’m not sure where I’d upload them to.

  10. @Cyber, just hit the “email author” link above and send them to me. I’d love to see the table of contents and any thing else you find interesting.

  11. Darrell942 says:

    Too Funny, Just found a dozen copies of “Lazer Tag: The Official Game Handbook” that I forgot I had, talk about memory lane. I agree the “Lazer Tag pistols” had an excellent look to them.
    D – 2 cents

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