Name that Toy!

I ran across this at an antique mall over the weekend. Does anyone know what it is?

Rob O'Hara

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14 thoughts on “Name that Toy!

  1. Yeah, Go-Bots…the poor kid’s Transformers. I never had the Command Center but had a few figures and they were always the first to die at the hands of Optimus and his posse.

  2. This should have been a forum post, especially since it’s such an easy one to answer.

    Gobots don’t deserve the hate they recieve. The standard gobot toys are way higher quality than the comparable transformer minicars. Plus, unlike any transformer ever made, they fit in well with one’s matchbox cars, allowing them to truly be robots in disguise.
    Even most of the supergobots had better articulation than transformers & didn’t have the trailerspace problem (all gobots parts & accessories had a place in both robot & vehicle modes).

  3. Bob Gosh says:

    I always had more Go Bots than Transformers because they were cheaper, this was the ultimate Go Bots toy!

  4. I never had this, but I had the ship core of the gobots combiner suit thing (which was rather useless without any suits to go with it, but… *shrug*).
    I had a fairly even mix of transformers, gobots (no super gobots though, fortunately), and cheapo/generic ones from the local drug store. Out of all of those, the single highest quality one (well… 6…) was a gobot. The gobot combiner “puzzler”. That guy was a thousand times better than any transformers combiner of the time (and many since). Solid, well proportioned, comparatively high posability, and no kibble to get lost (the oversized hands, head, etc were all integral parts of each smaller robot).
    The individual gobots were also of high quality, equal to or better than mst gobots & most transformers of the day. Their size was a bit off though. It was about twice as large as the standard gobots & TF minicars, but only about 2/3 as large as the standard transformers & super gobots.

  5. john hopkins says:

    Before I saw the comments it reminded me of Space 1999. I had neither Gobots or Transformers.

  6. I actually didn’t know. The price tag simply said “spaceship – $20”. I don’t know enough about it to know if it’s complete or not.

  7. Had this baby. As for Go-Bots vs. Transformers I am a Go-Bot fan. Challenge of The Go-Bots aired prior to Transformers in Canada and I had seen every episode before seeing any Transformers. Go-Bots Mini vehicles were always better than the Mini Transformers and I stand by that claim.

    The Go-Bots never released a true animated version of their toys to my knowledge and the toys were not exactly like what you had on TV.

    Sad but true. Great memories..

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