Hawaiian Punch “Punchy” Wrist Watch


I am a very bug Punchy fan. I even had this Punchy wrist watch. Sadly when I was in High School I went on a lake excursion with some friends and I took the watch off to go swimming, when I returned to my stuff, the watch was gone. Nothing else. I was so angry that I was inconsolable the rest of the day. I still wonder why someone just took the watch and where it is now? I guess some small hope that I will one day find it again keeps me from buying a new one, but it does not keep me from looking.


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2 Responses to Hawaiian Punch “Punchy” Wrist Watch

  1. charltonhero says:

    In one of the sad realities of living in Canada, in my area we never had this punch available. Boo this country!

  2. The Retroist says:

    I did not know it was not available in Canada. Have you ever had it at all?

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