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Retro Radio Memories: Lights Out – “Chicken Heart” (1937)

Retro Radio Memories 1
Welcome friends back to another installment of Retro Radio Memories. Today we have an oft-requested episode from the Lights Out radio show entitled Chicken Heart. It’s a short segment from Arch Oboler that deals with…well…just give it a listen.

Take a moment for yourself and turn down the lights, get comfy in your favorite chair and enjoy some Retro Radio Memories with Lights Out and the “Chicken Heart”.

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One thought on “Retro Radio Memories: Lights Out – “Chicken Heart” (1937)

  1. DBenson says:

    Bill Cosby did a routine about listening to scary radio shows when his parents were out, specifically Inner Sanctum (the moment the narrator closed that creaking door, little Cos KNEW somebody was in the house) and Lights Out. He actually did the Chicken Heart, which grew, crawled into the hallway, and rang for the elevator (“Fourth floor. AIEEE!”). Up to now I thought the Chicken Heart was just a comic invention.

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