Scooby Doo Action Figures

These were definitely the score of my recent visit to Toys ‘R’ Us. Shamefully relegated to the discount area, this box of 10 figures was marked down to $9.99, a price I could not resist. That’s $2/figure, a deep discount when compared to other figures currently for sale. Some of the deluxe Star Wars figures for sale on the toy aisle cost more than this box.

As you can tell by the following picture, the Mystery Gang is significantly taller than the universal 3 3/4″ figure standard.

While Luke and Fred traded hair tips, the girls held a conversation that wandered back and forth between capturing ghosts and obtaining thermal nuclear detonators.

“Hey there… nice van!”

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8 thoughts on “Scooby Doo Action Figures

  1. Spottedfeather says:

    Why don’t the figures look like the characters ? I mean, I can tell who they’re supposed to be, but I have never seen the characters looking like that.

  2. Flack, these are a pretty awesome find. The Toys R Us in my neck of the woods put the Tom and Jerry set on clearance last week as well…I would have nabbed them…I just didn’t want to risk the wrath of my Wife bringing in more toys to the house.

  3. @Spottedfeather: I believe these are based on the new version of the cartoon, not the classic episodes.

    A couple of things I forgot to mention. One, the figures are more articulate than a lot of other figures as their knees and elbows bend. And two, several of the figures hands were obviously designed to hold accessories, even though they didn’t come with any. Sounds like another mystery for the gang to solve!

  4. There is an almost identical set of these Scooby figures that were released in early 2000 that were exact versions from the Scooby Doo Where Are You TV Cartoon Series. These are clearly based on the same molds but with the altered anime style heads.

    As for the Fisher price figures. Had them both…very cool.

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