1978 CBS Friday Night Promo



I really can’t find the proper words to convince you just how badly I wish I could turn the TV on and see these advertised episodes of Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk tonight.

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6 Responses to 1978 CBS Friday Night Promo

  1. Nowadays it’s so hard to find a good test subject for aggression experiments.

  2. VicSage says:

    Very good point, Infomercial Reviewer! :)

  3. There was a time when watching TV on Friday nights was awesome. Hang out at home, order a pizza and stay up late.

  4. VicSage says:

    Amen to that, Patrick J. Doody!

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Just seeing these promos back then would generate a sense of excitement and anticipation.
    My imagination would rev up the makings of the upcoming stories and I’d end up grabbing my Mego figures and enacting the visualized stories.

    Lots of cameos from an assorted cast of Megos in those dreamt-up scenarios.

  6. VicSage says:

    I think that sounds like a good plan any Friday evening actually, pile down on the floor and grab some Mego figure. And let’s not forget those plastic Log launching antics of the Incredible Hulk toys from our youth, Atari! :)

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