Full On YouTube – Vision Quest

Did you know you can see some of the best movies from our childhoods on YouTube in their entirety? They are


I just watched Vision Quest for the first time last week, but I have been influenced by it or movies like it all my life. What a perfect representation of the 80s bittersweet/forbidden/impossible/unrequited love genre. It was made even more influential by Madonna’s “Crazy For You”, which I understand was written and recorded for the film. The movie was even called Crazy For You in some countries. Some people have panned this movie, but I found Louden to be just about everything I was back then: smart yet goofy, socially-ackward and prone to embarassment but driven by strong, genuine emotions. There are two copies of the movie on YouTube. I’ll link both here in case one disappears. Do yourself a favor and watch one of them.



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