How Star Wars Changed the Lead Actor’s Lives

Star Wars was a phenomenon, but I do not think that people understood just how far reaching the cultural effects of the movie would be. So articles written right after the movie always seem kind of quaint. This article, which came out right after the success of the first film, explores how the lead actors of the film’s lives have changed since the mega-success with focus on Mark Hamill (who was often asked if he was related to Dorothy Hamill). It is a great little piece of history and an interesting incite into Hamill’s career.

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2 thoughts on “How Star Wars Changed the Lead Actor’s Lives

  1. vinvectrex says:

    That is a fun bit of history. With the current rumors of their potential involvement in future films, who could have imagined how long this film would impact their lives.

  2. plasticzelig says:

    File under not living up to the lives of billionaires: I’m 32 and so far I don’t have an iconic space fantasy slatted for release this year. On the upside, this guarantees I won’t be reviled by fanboys in 35 years.

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