Retroist in Before the Crash


Okay, I tried to post this in the forum, but since I’m not tech savvy and am too much of a hack to do what is probably very little work to become tech savvy, I couldn’t get the pic to show up there, so I’ll just post it here. I was reading Before The Crash today, a book about video games pre-1983.
In the second chapter, there is a page-long discussion of a Magnavox Odyssey2 ad, followed by the ad itself. Here’s a screen capture from my Kindle version.
Notice the citation at the bottom. They took this from this post which dates back to 2009. So the Retroist’s reach extends beyond the website and podcast into academia. Video game academia, but academia nonetheless. Congrats, Retroist!

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  1. VicSage says:

    Bravo to the Retroist and a big thanks for sharing this with us, Doug! :D

  2. sjgeek89 says:

    Yes great find Doug! That’s gotta feel good Retroist.

  3. Retroist,
    I said it before and I’ll say it again…

    YOU DA’ MAN!

  4. vinvectrex says:

    Great find, Doug -and congrats Retroist!

  5. Doug says:

    Just finished the chapter (it isn’t easy reading), and is mentioned again in the notes. The author says she accessed the post on July 15, 2010.

  6. BDD says:

    I need to get this book.

    Congrats Retroist!

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