Official Tron: Uprising Music Video!

Image courtesy of Elak Swindell's Flickr photostream.

Image courtesy of Elak Swindell’s Flickr photostream.

Let’s start with the good news, Disney Music has released this official Music Video to celebrate the release of the Tron: Uprising soundtrack last Tuesday to CD, Amazon, iTunes, etc. The soundtrack which I recommend any Tron fan to pick up features the beautiful score for the animated series by Joseph Trapanese, who happened to be a collaborator with Daft Punk on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. So it’s fair to say that Joseph knows his way around the Grid.

Pretty awesome, huh? The music and of course pieces of the Tron: Uprising series they used in the video are top notch to say the least.

Now for the bad news…thanks to the heads up by Tron Sector.Com it’s now official…Tron: Uprising has been cancelled. As is stated by Tron Sector and echoed on other sites that found the magic of the series captivating, the blame on the series ‘failing’ is being leveled at Disney XD, they point out the continuing jerking around of the shows time slot made it impossible for it to find an audience. The latest episodes being debuted on Sunday at Midnight.

It’s just a shame that all of the creative talents behind this bridge between Tron and Tron: Legacy will not be able to share with us all of the stories they might have wanted to. Just take a look at the wallpaper from Elak Swindell’s Flickr photostream, a screencap from the episode entitled “Tagged” up top to see just how visually different the series was.

At the very least though we fans of Tron were able to get 19 episodes of a groundbreaking series and the fact it expanded the mythos of that universe is something to celebrate.


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7 thoughts on “Official Tron: Uprising Music Video!

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Sorry to see this go. Another example of Tron not quite achieving its full potential. I hope there’s still more Tron to come, in some form.

  2. I loved this show and I’m so disappointed to hear that it’s been cancelled. I watch a lot of cartoons and there is just nothing else like this show on the air. What a shame it never could find an audience.

  3. I agree with you 100%, John! For what it’s worth Vinvectrex, the Disney studio is still moving ahead with Tron 3 but it’s still in the early stages of development naturally. Even over at Tron Sector they mentioned that perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Uprising, perhaps it will be continued once the new movie is out?

    Of course I’m still upset that I’ll never have a line of action figures from the series…or coloring books…or shirts…posters…

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Aw jeez…Why am I not surprised?
    Terrific show, great music, perfect tie-in to an exciting, modernistic franchise and yeah, let’s give it little to no marketing outside fanbase audiences, let’s chain it to cable availability and high pricing access, and don’t forget to plug our ears to digital demand and pretend nobody has any means to buy downloaded content legally to support good production causes.

    Yeah, I’m more than a little bitter about the outcome.
    I’d pay twice the normal rates for this TV show (2 whole dollars per ep…max!) outside of the mismanaged but brilliant Netflix pay-per-month model.
    But noooooooo.

    Maybe I missed something in the availability of this one.
    But here in Canada, it’s doubly hard to get (or just wait for) good stuff to come out.

    I mean, how did they ever expect to make money and count Nielsen nerd fans by first-run accounting?

    Maybe when folks like myself buy the TU discs for home viewing they’ll get an idea.

    And good thing you mentioned Tron 3 still being in production, Vic.
    Keeps my hopes up.
    Also, yes indeedy, Animated projects like these are simple to ressucitate.
    Just voice talent to recruit.
    Character models just sip a soda while the contract inks up again.

    Uh… fantastic video, btw.

  5. Rick Doherty says:

    A problem with me on this and it may be others, is that Disney XD is part of a more exspensive package is my tv provider. I loved the show and I would have to wait for the show to be shown on the Disney XD app in order to catch up with it. I think had it been on regular Disney, it may have faired better than what it did. Oh well.

  6. If it was on regular disney it probably would have gotten ignored completely. All disney channel has had for many years now is crappy live action shows for 10yr olds. Everyone knows this & thus everyone who does not have a 10yr old running around the house just ignores the disney channel.

    I saw a couple episodes of tron. Part of me wanted to see more but could never get enough drive because the show just felt ….lackluster. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t all that good either.

  7. Bob Gosh says:

    I’ve loved Tron since day 1, my 13th birthday was me, 3 friends, a lot of Jolt Cola and Tron over and over! Have a baby on the way right now, if it’s a girl, her name will be Quorra. They make this awesome cartoon and promptly kill it in scheduling! So, this will cut it leaving the series open! Maybe they’ll do a direct to DVD movie or 2 to sum up what would have happened in the rest of the series.

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