Reddy Kilowatt Fabric Doll


My Grandmother has this odd card near the circuit breaker in her apartment. It had some info on it and it also had this cool looking red stick figure. I do not think I ever asked her about him, but I used to always look at it while having a treat in her kitchen. It was only recently that I spotted the little guy again (at a Flea Market) and decided to do some snooping to find out who he is. His name is Reddy Kilowatt and is/was a spokescharacter that has been a promoting electical generation in the US for decades.

I am sure he is well known in some circles, but his identity was completely off my radar. Not sure how this is possible when you look at all the Reddy info and ephemera out there. I think he would be a fun character to collect. What do you think?


Reddy Kilowatt Fabric Doll [via] Hake’s

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  1. RetroArt says:

    Yep! He and the US mail zip code mascot, Zippy or Mister Zip. In fact, I’d like to see a Celebrity Deathmatch between the two vintage mascots.

  2. Drahken says:

    The only other time I’ve heard of this guy is on some storage auction show, the guy bought a lamp with this guy inside the bulb.

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