Warner Bros. Jungle Habitat

Jungle Habitat was a Warner Brothers-owned animal theme park located in West Milford, New Jersey. It opened in the summer of 1972 and closed in the fall 1976. The park had over 1500 animals and had walk through and drive through sections. Sadly I never had the opportunity to visit this New Jersey gem, but my older sisters went multiple times and we had multiple bit of ephemera from the park laying around the house throughout my childhood. Just seeing this stuff made me very happy, why you ask? Well…

Jungle Habitat Jungle Junction postcard

The place was plagued with problems. Animal attacks and sickness, plus bad effects on the town in terms of traffic. They attempted to do an expansion, but it never happened. Which is why I never got the opportunity to visit.

If you were a NJ resident with an adventurous spirit though. You could explore the ruins for years afterwards.

Jungle Habitat Jungle Junction postcard [via] Flickr