Intellivision Animated Newscast Commercial


This 1982 animated commercial was shown exclusively in local movie theaters before the feature presentation,TRON. I have zero recollection of this piece of magic and I am not sure who animated it exactly. It looks like rotoscoping.


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3 thoughts on “Intellivision Animated Newscast Commercial

  1. RetroArt says:

    This is AMAZING!
    The mock-8bit animation style (or is it 16bit?) and the tongue-in-cheek approach are great!
    “This just in, the Earth was apparently saved from total destruction earlier today…”
    Thanks for posting this!

  2. vinvectrex says:

    That is just fantastic. Sorry I missed seeing it on the big screen all those years ago. Then again, if I had, I may have rushed out of the local theater and right over to Sears to grab an Intellivision.

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