1970s King Kong Iron On

Whenever I found an Iron On, I immediately would begin begging various family members to help me transfer it to whatever plain t-shirt I could find. Sadly those t-shirts were often the cheapest undershirts that money could buy. So the poor iron on was usually short lived. Since most iron ons I got my hands on were pretty cheap, it was not a huge deal, since they would not have lasted longer than the shirt anyway. I did not realize that at the time though and whenever I needed to retire one of my awesome custom tees, it was with a heavy heart.

King Kong

[via] plasticfetish


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3 thoughts on “1970s King Kong Iron On

  1. plcary says:

    I share your fondness for iron ons. Never could get them to look perfect though, even with mom’s help. I’d love to have one of those King Kong shirts!

  2. thomas cianci says:

    haha. yes, i remember those wonderful iron on transfers too. i remember having my mama [r.i.p.] put iron ons of the ”remco” dracula, frankenstein, wolf man & mummy [which came with the action figures] on a red t-shirt back around 1980. i felt like the coolest kid in town. great memories. :)

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