carved roast on a plane??

Pan-Am had Dining Rooms?

I admit, I am a flight novice compared to many. I have flown a bunch of times, but almost always crammed into the back of coach. That is why I am always fascinated to learn stuff about airlines. For example, I had no idea that Pan-Am had full sit down dining rooms on the plane with roasts carved at your tables. That is Classy … and yes that capital C was on purpose. How far we have come and yet how far we have fallen.

carved roast on a plane??


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4 thoughts on “Pan-Am had Dining Rooms?

  1. Badwolf says:

    Certain models of 747 had finished upstairs lounges and dining rooms. Some just had additional first class seating; some just had additional steerage seating. They all had some form of this “upstairs” area.

  2. vinvectrex says:

    After my last flight, I’m more than ready for Pan Am’s triumphant return to the skies, complete with some form of comfort. Any form of comfort.

  3. Chaybee1 says:

    “Ask your secretary to reserve your table when she books your ticket”. HA! How times have changed.

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