Do The Timewarp (Yes, Again)

I’ve long associated Rocky Horror and the Timewarp song with New Year’s. I was thinking that the movie itself was tied to New Year’s, but after a bit of research there seems to be no such connection at all. I believe the only connection is the Timewarp song coming to my mind every year (starting when I was probably 13~ish). I had seen the movie on TV for the first time when I was around 13 or so. I wasn’t fond of the movie as a whole (it did have some good moments, but it had a lot of boredom), I didn’t even sit through the whole thing (kept flipping to something else, then coming back after a while). The one portion that I really liked from the instant I first saw/heard it though was the Timewarp song (“Let’s Do the Timewarp Again”), which has stuck with me ever since (even though I have never watched the movie a second time).

I found a couple versions of it on youtube…

This one has a different version of the song than the movie had, but it’s CGI animation comes close to the movie characters:

This one has the original song from the movie, put to clips from Star Trek (done very well, unlike most such videos, which tend to be haphazard & poorly timed):


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4 thoughts on “Do The Timewarp (Yes, Again)

  1. When I was a kid I stayed at a friend’s house for the night and his Uncle offered to take us to a movie. It was a non-midnight showing of Rocky Horror with people all dressed up and acting out the parts. It was a fascinating experience and I can still see the group at the front “Doing the Time Warp”.

  2. Back when I was a kid my parents used to drive me all over town to trade computer games with people I had met over the modem. One of the guys I met had a bootleg VHS copy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I guess back then would have been very hard to come by. I had never heard of it at that time and he showed me the Time Warp segment that day.

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