Saturday Frights – Twilight Zone: Long Live Walter Jameson (1960)

Welcome back to another episode of Saturday Frights! This week we have a classic episode from the legendary Twilight Zone series entitled “Long Live Walter Jameson”.

Originally airing on March 18, 1960 it stars Kevin McCarthy (Innerspace, Invasion of the Body Snatchers) as Professor Walter Jameson…a man that teaches history to his students but talks of it as if he had been there to witness it firsthand. Also starring in this fantastic episode is Edgar Stehli (The Brothers Karamazov) as Professor Sam Kittridge, Dodie Heath (Brigadoon, The Diary of Anne Frank) as Susan Kittridge, and Estelle Winwood (Camelot, The Misfits) as Laurette Bowen.

So turn down the lights and get comfy as Saturday Frights brings you the Twilight Zone featuring “Long Live Walter Jameson”!
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2 thoughts on “Saturday Frights – Twilight Zone: Long Live Walter Jameson (1960)

  1. I love this TZ episode. First off, it’s always great to see the ever affable Kevin McCarthy in action. Even here. where he’s being a bit of a douche to those his lives effect, you can’t help but identify with him. Combine this with the desperate pleas of Edgar Stehli, looking for the secret that McCarthy holds, and you have a great chemistry of characters. The usual TZ way of showing the true potential of the story in an economic way. Great stuff.

  2. Absolutely, William! You’ve summed it up perfectly! For a bit of trivia, Kevin supposedly claims that a bit of Walter Jameson’s magic rubbed off on him and he attributed that to not only his long life but how long he worked in the industry. Works for me!

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