Image courtesy of CartoonBrew.Com

Live Action Hong Kong Phooey CG Footage Released!

Image courtesy of CartoonBrew.Com

While it’s been a bit since it was first announced that a live action Hong Kong Phooey with help from CG imagery was in the works, this is this the first time that Director Alex Zamm (Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2) has unveiled test footage of the upcoming feature film featuring voice work by Eddie Murphy (Which may or may not be used in the test footage).

Thanks to Cartoon Brew for not only finding this online but to Bleeding Cool.Com for taking the released footage and combining it with a defunct Marvin the Martian feature film that would have also been helmed by Alex Zamm.

[Via] Brendon Connelly

So what do you think of the direction of the film for Hong Kong Phooey?