The Ideal ThunderStreak

Every time I see a vintage Ideal Toy commercial for something I did not have I cannot help but think two things. Firstly, Ideal had some very creative toy makers and secondly, I want that toy! The ThunderStreak would have been a huge hit with my circle of friends. My one pal had a swimming pool that we just about lived in during the summer and we would have spent months coming up with ways to play with this fabulous toy.

Winter you need to end so I can find a vintage ThunderStreak and take it down to the local swimming hole.


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2 thoughts on “The Ideal ThunderStreak

  1. RetroArt says:

    The narrator of this commercial seems as doubly-impressed as you are! I’m impressed with the clear, sharp underwater footage. It reminded me of Summers spent in my backyard pool with various toys in it, whether they were water toys or not. You know, an X-wing fighter makes an excellent one-man sub.

  2. That commercial is very deceptive. Thunder streak (I never owned one but played with one in the day!) was very slow under water and often hit bottom and got stuck. Also its propeller often lasted no longer than 10 seconds under water. The part with Thunder streak coming out of the water is pure fiction. This commercial is crazy misleading. That Narrator is frightening yelling Thunder Streak, Thunder Streak Thunder Streak! Yikes.

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